How can CAP help?

Whether you need a hand getting a budget together, someone to chat to about your finances, or if you’re weighed down by debt — CAP can help.

Debt Help

Debt Help

Weighed down by debt? CAP can help. There is hope and a solution to your debt situation — you are not alone. However much debt you are in, CAP’s team

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Budget Help

Budget Help

How should I manage my money? Connecting with a local CAP Money Coach gives you the tools to build a budget and improve your financial wellbeing. Whatever you’re trying to

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Refer Someone to CAP

Refer Someone to CAP

Know someone in need of debt help? Anyone can refer to CAP — pastors, care workers, GP’s, family, caring friends — if you know of someone in debt that needs

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In the last 12 months


people have gone debt free




of debt relieved


people helped journey towards financial wellbeing

Are you…

  • Overwhelmed by your financial situation?
  • Struggling to cover basic household expenses week to week?
  • Being harassed by creditors?
  • Unable to repay your debts?

Many families doing it tough have found relief through CAP Debt Help. Receive advice, education, and support and feel the weight of financial stress lifted from your shoulders.

  • Unsure where your money goes and how best to track it?
  • Going through a big life change?
  • Looking for a system to easily manage your money?
  • Need someone to help you work out your budget?

Every year, thousands of Aussies take control of their finances through CAP Money. It’s for anyone wanting to learn how to budget, with useful tools and coaching.

Peter’s Story

Working with CAP meant I had someone to walk alongside me, I wasn’t alone. I’m now debt free, sober and my relationship with my children and my mum is restored. My oldest son David is now living with me again and I’m so happy.


CAP Client

CAP is not only releasing people from financial hardships and financial struggles, but they’re also giving people back their lives, giving families back their mums, giving families back their dads, giving husbands and wives back to each other.

Josh & Corrine

CAP Client

CAP has taught me something to give to my sons. Now, I’ve even done a budget for my eldest son Andrew. He was spending money as quickly as he got it. He was doing exactly what I’d been doing and he had no idea.


CAP Client