In Australia, no one will face financial distress alone.

As a growing number of Australians are struggling with their financial situations, many are feeling burdened, isolated and alone.

You can help equip churches with CAP-trained Money Mentors to walk alongside struggling people, connecting them with a community of support and providing the opportunity for whole-life transformation.

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Will you help struggling people go from alone to connected?

Equip the Church

Your support helps to inspire and equip the Church to take action for struggling people in Australia. 

Train Money Mentors 

Your donation helps train Money Mentors in churches to walk alongside people in financial distress.  

Transform Lives

You’re providing more people with the opportunity for whole-life transformation. 

Where your money goes

Your donations help CAP equip the Church to come alongside struggling people in Australia – ensuring that no one is alone in financial distress, and everyone has the opportunity for transformation. 

Hope returned about five months into the process with CAP. I began to see light in the present and future again. Ang was always gentle with me. She never pressured me with religion, instead, she would ask my permission if she could pray for me.


CAP Participant

My relationship with Cheryl is much more than Money Mentoring. I have been walking alongside Cheryl, discipling her and helped her get connected into church. Cheryl said to me just the other day that for the first time in her life she feels she belongs. That is precious and that is what it is all about.


CAP-trained Money Mentor

You need to meet people where they are at. You can’t just offer prayer; you need to offer practical support to help meet people’s practical needs as well as their emotional needs. This points to the love of Jesus. This is what Cheryl experienced through her relationship with Ang and the support she provided.


CAP Church Partner

How does CAP help people?

CAP is equipping a movement of churches to walk alongside those in financial distress while confidently proclaiming Jesus. CAP provides the Church with practical tools, services, and skills so they can tangibly enable financial wellbeing for their community, regardless of their situation, providing all services free of charge.

Where does my money go?

Your donation is what makes CAP’s vital advocacy and financial hardship services possible.

It supplies the CAP engine room through wages and salaries — the vehicle through which financial advocacy is made possible today and into the future.

It is invested into the future sustainability of the organisation through fundraising events and activities and covers the training and resources required for Head Office staff, church partners and volunteers to bring the CAP service to their communities. See more here.

Christians Against Poverty Australia is registered with the ACNC as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year