CAP equips the
Church in Australia to
walk alongside those
in financial distress.

Financial distress is a lonely and isolating experience, it is a journey no one should walk alone.

Local churches are best placed to offer safe spaces for whole-life transformation – providing people the opportunity to change their financial situation, become connected into community through building relationships, and to find hope by meeting Jesus. 

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Equip your church

Your church could play a part in walking alongside those experiencing financial distress by partnering with CAP, training Money Mentors to support people in their place of need.

Get help

If you are experiencing financial distress and are needing help, we can get you connected with a church near you to begin resolving these challenges.

Support the mission

Donate today and allow us to continue equipping a movement of churches to walk alongside those in financial distress while sharing the love of Jesus.

Real stories of impact:

Darren, Pastor

“Money Mentoring allows us to walk alongside each person, helping them solve financial challenges, as well as creating a budget and money system to suit their unique situation.

“The love of Jesus is expressed practically to anyone who needs it.”

Billinda, Money Mentor

“I wanted to serve God by hopefully using my learnings to help others work through their difficult situations, to be a friend and share my faith and the wonderful impact it has on your life.”

Read Billinda’s Story >

Cheryl, Participant

“Hope returned about five months into the process with CAP. I began to see light in the present and future again.”

Read Cheryl’s Story >

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