How can CAP help?

Whether you need a hand getting a budget together, someone to chat to about your finances, or if you’re weighed down by debt — CAP can help.

Now I don’t have to worry about where the money is going to go or how to spend my money – CAP helped me to manage my finances better, helped me to be more organised, helped me to be more wise, to set priorities. And the fact that now I can sleep at night is priceless.


CAP Participant

CAP is not only releasing people from financial hardships and financial struggles, but they’re also giving people back their lives, giving families back their mums, giving families back their dads, giving husbands and wives back to each other.

Josh & Corrine

CAP Participant

CAP has taught me something to give to my sons. Now, I’ve even done a budget for my eldest son Andrew. He was spending money as quickly as he got it. He was doing exactly what I’d been doing and he had no idea.


CAP Participant