Join a movement of churches

CAP exists to serve and equip your church to reach those in your community experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhelming debt, relational breakdown, and many of the other devastating impacts of financial distress.

Based on biblical ideas around money, your church will be equipped with technical and relational skills that assists someone on their journey to financial wellbeing and points them towards Jesus.

Partner with CAP

Be equipped to address the complexities of money within your church and the wider community and learn to walk alongside those in financial distress in a wholistic way.

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Host a CAP Sunday

Hear the heart and vision of CAP, be reminded of God’s heart for the poor and mission of the church, by hosting a speaker at one of your services.

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You’re on the frontline

Behind closed doors, families are making heartbreaking decisions — like pay rent, or put food on the table?

Relationships are under strain from finances. Fear and anxiety around money consumes the thoughts and rules the lives of many. For some, the daily stress is too much to take.

But partnered with CAP, your church can bring hope and a solution to this growing need. Equipped with everything you need, you will teach how to understand money from a biblical perspective. You will see financial burdens eased and lives transformed through the love of God in action.

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