Service Explanation

CAP Australia trains people from local churches as Money Mentors who will walk alongside people experiencing financial distress, by building meaningful relationships while providing quality financial education.

Money Mentors focus is to assist a participant to:

  • Understand their relationship with money and current financial situation
  • Meet their financial commitments
  • Build resilience to financial shocks

If you agree to meet a Money Mentor you can expect that:

  • They will contact you within two weeks to arrange a time to meet
  • In your first meeting they will want to get to know a bit about your story so they know how they can be of assistance, and can recommend other services that may be helpful
  • Will help you set some financial goals and walk alongside you as you work towards those goals
  • Will go through clear and simple financial principles that cover things like ‘building and balancing a budget’, ‘Managing bank accounts’, ‘Using credit’ and ‘Getting out of debt’.

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