How should I manage my money?

Connecting with a local CAP Money Coach gives you the tools to build a budget and improve your financial wellbeing. Whatever you’re trying to achieve — getting on top of debts, assessing your current spending or learning to have a healthier relationship with money — a CAP Money Coach can help.

Connect with a CAP Money Coach near you, and take the first step toward improving your financial wellbeing.

Connect with a local CAP Money Coach

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What to expect

CAP Money Coaching is usually run over 3 sessions. Your coach will help you identify how you spend your money and prioritise the things that are important to you.

You’ll learn a simple system that has been working for attendees for over 10 years! By the end, you’ll know how to live within your means, manage or prevent debt, and save for your future.

Doesn’t sound right for you?

Money Mentoring might be a better fit. Click here to read more about it and submit an enquiry to connect with a Money Mentor.


I’ve tried budgeting before, what’s different about CAP Money?

With CAP Money you’re not alone. You will have a CAP Money Coach working alongside you as you build and balance your budget. CAP Money is simple. No complicated spreadsheets or calculations. The specialised online budget worksheet does all the thinking for you and will help you put the CAP ‘three account system’ into practice.

How much does CAP Money cost me?

Nothing at all! It is free to attend because CAP believes that everyone should have access to tools and resources to help you tell your money what to do.

How can I budget on a low income?

Budgeting isn’t about how much money you have coming in, it’s about telling that money what to do. That is why budgets work even on a low income.

Will this help with my debt?

The CAP Money course includes a topic on debt reduction and will suggest different options on how you can repay your debt.

Is this just for Christians?

No, this course is for anyone and everyone. Your CAP Money Coach might mention the church they are from and say something about their faith, but this is a money course not a church service! There are no strings attached to this course.

Why do I need a budget if I have a pretty high income?

Those with high incomes are often less likely to have a budget! But if you aren’t telling your money what to do, you won’t be prepared for life’s potential curveballs, and you won’t be getting the most out of what you have right now. Budgeting is for everyone.

I’m pretty bad with money and I was at a point where I didn’t have a whole lot of it. I did the CAP Money Course and I started to adjust things here and there and worked out a lifestyle that was sustainable. I would be in a very different situation than what I am now if I hadn’t have done the course.


CAP Money Attendee

Money and finance weren’t foreign to us as Lara is a bookkeeper and I come from a family of accountants, but the course was just clear, concise and practical. You get resources that you can use forever, and you can adapt them as life circumstances change.

Scott & Lara

CAP Money Attendees

I left university with a level of debt and it was always that debt that caused small arguments with my wife as we just have different approaches to money. The CAP Money Course brought us release when we suddenly saw a cohesive way of managing our shared finances.


CAP Money Attendee