What is a Money Mentor?

Money Mentors are people from local churches across Australia who have been trained by CAP to offer general financial information. A Money Mentor will walk alongside you, supporting you to manage your financial situation. Their goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge that will allow you to: 

  • Better understand your current financial situation. 
  • Manage your day-to-day expenses, including paying bills, and putting food on the table. 
  • Build resilience to financial shocks, including saving money, managing credit, and getting out of debt. 

Please fill out the form below if you’d like to be connected with a Money Mentor.

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Who is it for?

Money Mentoring is for everyone. You don’t need to be a Christian; anyone can access help through Money Mentoring.

Is it free?

Yes. There is no cost to you, and you won’t be asked to give money to get help from your Money Mentor.  

How do I meet with a Money Mentor?

Money mentoring can happen in 1 on 1 catch ups, group settings, in-person or online. It depends where you are, the Money Mentor you connect with, and your preferences. You can tell us how you would like to meet when you fill in the form to connect with a Money Mentor. 

How will I be contacted?

It depends on what contact preferences you’ve listed in the form you completed. Money Mentors will respect your preferences. They will also usually text before calling so you know the number.

How often will we meet?

In a 1 on 1 style meeting with your Money Mentor, you and your Money Mentor will decide how often you want to meet and for how long. If you’re attending a group workshop, there will usually be a set number of sessions you can attend. 

Can I receive money through Money Mentoring?

Money Mentors do not give out money. Some churches that offer Money Mentoring may run services that offer vouchers or small gifts for people in certain circumstances. Speak to your Money Mentor, they will be able to connect you with a person or service who may be able to help you.

Do I need to be in financial distress to see a Money Mentor?

No. Money Mentoring is for everyone, whether you’re in financial distress or feeling comfortable in your finances. The practices a Money Mentor will go through with you can be applied to any financial situation. 

Where is it?

There are Money Mentors located across Australia. If there isn’t one near you (usually within 25km), we will see if there is someone who can see you online if you’re happy to meet that way. 

When will I hear from someone?

Most of the time you will hear back from someone within a couple of days of submitting the form to connect with a Money Mentor, but please allow up to a week.

Do I need to bring anything to my meeting?

Not usually, but your Money Mentor will let you know if they want you to bring anything that could be helpful.

Will my Money Mentor contact my creditors for me?

A Money Mentor will help you to contact your creditors and can refer you to a free financial counsellor when needed.