Leave a bequest to CAP

By leaving a bequest to CAP, you are giving a gift of hope to Australian families living in financial distress for generations to come. Your legacy will be their freedom.  

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift included in your will. By including a charity in your will, you are leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity, and ensuring the causes you care about are funded into the future.

How do I include Christians Against Poverty in my will?

Including a charity in your will is easy. Make an appointment with your solicitor to discuss what kind of bequest you would like to leave and to ensure any changes to your will are legal and effective.

You can choose to leave your whole estate, a percentage of your estate, a specific gift or a residual gift.

A common way to include a charity in your will is to leave a residual gift. A residual gift ensures your will provides for your loved ones first and the remainder (or percentage of the remainder) is given. Below is a suggested sentence you could take to your solicitor for consideration and legal advice.

“I bequeath the residue (or percentage of the residue/specific amount) of my estate free of all duties to Christians Against Poverty Australia ABN: 92 104 471 516 for its general purposes and direct that the receipt of the authorised officer of Christians Against Poverty Australia will be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

If you are interested in including CAP Australia in your will or have done so already, please let us know by completing the form below or contact Jack Harington, Key Relationship Coordinator (jack.harington@capaust.org or call : (02) 4914 0525)

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