An easy way to give

Workplace giving is good for everyone. It streamlines tax-time for employees, helps employers retain staff, and makes a real impact through partnership with reputable charities.

Empower your employees

Workplaces with strong giving programs are more likely to attract talent, retain staff and build a positive workplace culture. Using a giving platform like Good2Give, your employees can give to a charity of their choice or select from a nominated list, allowing them to give to the causes they are most passionate about.

Double your impact

As an employer, you can match your employee’s donations to double the impact. Studies show that employees feel a sense of pride when they know the workplace is investing in the community.

5 reasons to choose CAP






CAP provides a practical solution for one of society’s most pressing problems: poverty due to overwhelming levels of debt.  

CAP is free for the people who need it most.

CAP increases financial literacy among everyday Australians through the CAP Money course.

CAP works with the local church to serve and include the poor.

CAP is uniquely equipped to provide a Biblical perspective on debt and money.

To get your workplace started with workplace giving sign up through Good2Give or contact CAP at