“Virtual fatigue” is real, tips for your next online event

24 Sep, 2020

You’ve been invited to an event and surprise, surprise, it’s ‘gone online’ (the CAP Virtual Fundraising Dinner, anyone?).

By now, the novelty of a “Zoom party” has well and truly worn off. The trouble is, social gatherings are still restricted, and life must continue. So, what’s an aspiring party-goer to do?

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”. With a little willingness to think outside the box, your online ‘event’ can be genuinely enjoyable. Read on for some ideas to get you started.

For those with stronger restrictions

Maybe you’re in Victoria or for health reasons, you’re needing to exercise stricter precautions. It’s tough, but don’t let fun be lost!

  • Video chat ‘pre-party’ before the event to get ready together
  • Cook the same meal: Mac & Cheese or a full three courses – the choice is yours!
  • Dress up anyway! If you’re attending the fundraising dinner, post a selfie of you all dressed up in your lounge room with the hashtag #CAPDinner and connect to living rooms all across the nation
  • As best you can, plan for your kids to be occupied for the hour (either in bed or with an activity – colouring sheet can be found here)

For those allowed to have small gatherings

Having people around you in person does wonders for creating an atmosphere, but it’s still not quite the real deal. Try these suggestions out for size to amp it up.

  • Have a girl’s night in (leave the kids with the dads) with a grazing table and your favourite beverage. Or, vice versa and let the dads have a turn!
  • Have a dress-up theme, with a prize for best dressed. Go all-out in black tie, or get silly and have everyone come in one colour (CAP green is very flattering!)
  • Get the kids involved by getting them to dress as something starting with C, A or P
  • Create a bingo sheet to mark off whenever someone on the video does something repetitive and give out a prize for the winner. Here is one specific for the CAP Dinner that you can print off and use!
  • If you’re the host, create a party pack for your friends to enjoy both during the night and after.

These suggestions are only a starting point. Channel your inner Einstein to create a memorable night that works for you, whatever event you may be virtually attending!