The fearless Church

13 Nov, 2020

A. W. Tozer said “A frightened world needs a fearless church.” As a Christian community, how do we reach out to a frightened world?

The Church are the people of God, bringing His kingdom here on Earth until it comes in fullness. But how does this translate to someone searching for employment alongside nearly 4 million others after the government stimulus and rental freezes cease? What about those unable to afford groceries or are facing eviction?

It’s how you live in relationship with others

Jesus said the world would know his disciples by their love. James 2:16-17 instructs the people of God to provide for the needs of their brothers and sisters. We’re instructed not just to wish them well and offer up a Psalm, but to say “we’re with you” in the hardship, loneliness and anxiety.

When you’re with someone, you’re attentive to their needs. If it’s only metaphorical, the sentiment of well wishes becomes meaningless.

Why ‘the Church’?

Jesus commissioned the Church to continue what he started: to serve the poor, to save the lost and to point people to his Good News.

Local churches also know their communities best, hence why equipping is the nature of partnership with CAP. CAP resources, equips, and trains churches to do what Jesus called all of us to do, in the context of need in modern Australia

So what’s this about being ‘fearless’?

Sadly, societal attitudes have been marred by the not-so-good things that the Church is known for. According to the most recent National Church Life Survey (NCLS) report, six in ten people can’t think of a reason why religion is good for society.

Loving others and bringing the good news comes at a personal cost. For some Christians, the threat is to their very lives. For Australians in 2020, it’s got more to do with humbly continuing the good work of the church and having the courage to face some difficult conversations.

No matter the challenge, fear cannot be the Christian answer. Churches have a unique opportunity to bring peace into lives by taking action to help people affected by the pandemic, and again become known as a place people can turn to when they are scared and in need.

Want to see your church help people in your community under financial stress? Find out more here.