Join a movement of churches

CAP exists to serve and equip your church to reach people that need it most in your community. Whether helping families get out of debt, teaching money management and budgeting, or inspiring your church with the wider work of CAP, your church can be involved.

Join hundreds of churches working on the front line of Australian poverty by partnering with CAP.

Open a CAP Debt Centre

Give families the support to lift themselves out of debt — and into a brighter future — with a world-class debt counselling service.

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Run the CAP Money Course

Teach money management to people in your church and community with a simple course that has transformed the finances of thousands of Aussies.

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Host a CAP Sunday

Hear the heart and vision of CAP, be reminded of God’s heart for the poor and mission of the church, by hosting a speaker at one of your services.

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You’re on the frontline

Australia’s poverty problem is getting worse. More than three million Aussies live below the poverty line. The main cause? Rising levels of unmanageable debt.

Behind closed doors, families are making heartbreaking decisions — like whether to pay rent or put food on the table. Relationships are falling apart under the misery of debt. For many, the daily stress is too much to take.

But partnered with CAP, your church has the practical tools to help. You will provide hope and a solution to desperate people in society. You will teach people skills to take control of their money. And you will see lives transformed through the love of God in action.