Everyone’s Invited | Getting dinner-ready

29 Oct, 2020

Michelle and Guy are getting ready to host a dinner at their home for the CAP Virtual Fundraising Dinner! Here is how they’re going about making the evening a special night of connection and inspiration.

We have attended a few CAP fundraising dinners over the years and have found the guest speakers and their CAP success stories wonderfully inspiring, especially their heartfelt thanks and often a reconnection to a faith in God.

Also, we love the heart behind our CAP volunteers, why they are involved and the joy they receive from facilitating a family into financial freedom — wow. 

Our bible study group has only formed in the last few months and we don’t know everyone well I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to mix social with service, a great way to introduce them to this amazing ministry.  

We will host the event at our home,  we’ll enjoy an afternoon of fellowship, maybe a swim in the pool (if it’s hot enough), dinner and then watch the event on the TV. At some point during this, we’ll have dessert ! Every family is bringing a shared plate (appetisers, 2x salad, 2x dessert) and we will fire up the BBQ! 

Since most the people in our study group haven’t yet heard of CAP, we have arranged for a couple of copies of John’s book to hand out. We read it years ago and was blown away by his financial audacity. We own a business and John’s trust in God with the finances for CAP had me breaking into an anxious sweat!

Haven’t yet RSVP’d? It’s not too late! You can register here.