What is happening at CAP during COVID-19?

24 Mar, 2020

Important updates, what you can be praying for and how you can help

I know this update finds you in the middle of a difficult time. COVID-19 is on the forefront of everyone’s mind and making things very challenging. Meeting together is being stopped, people are losing income, becoming isolated and depressed. It’s also likely to get worse before it gets better. Businesses and homes will be lost and many are going to find themselves in financial crisis.

Firstly, would you join me in prayer?

For peace, health and emotional resilience over our nation and the world-over. For world leaders, scientific experts, medical staff and those turning the wheel of key infrastructure. And particularly, for the 3 million people living in poverty in Australia, who will be hit especially hard by this situation.

Right now, across Australia people are facing huge economic insecurity and people are being forced into social isolation. Personally, this can be hugely overwhelming. However, something in my spirit is rising. Now is the perfect time for the Church to rise up and show the world it’s more than a meeting place on a Sunday and demonstrate why we still have hope in the middle of a global epidemic. Daily, I am being inspired by stories from churches all across Australia who are working hard to build community and friendship through this crisis.

CAP has a vital role to play; both in equipping churches to reach the vulnerable during this time and preparing them to be at the forefront of rebuilding people’s lives after the crisis. There is a huge opportunity for the Church to bring freedom to those trapped by financial bondage. I believe that NOW is the moment to respond, it is not the time to shrink back.

I want to assure you that CAP’s services will continue to operate. This will look different at each church, depending on their own policy and capacity. The services will be carried out following all government advice and policies, and prioritise the safety of clients, staff, volunteers and churches. CAP staff are working hard to equip churches with new, flexible and effective solutions to ensure on the ground support is being given directly where it’s needed.

CAP will continue with increased passion, but it’s not going to be easy. Due to the epidemic, CAP has postponed planned fundraising events (if you are attending one of these, you will receive more information on this soon). Without these vital fundraising opportunities, cash flow over the next couple of months is going to be difficult, right when Australia’s vulnerable need CAP the most.

In a time that the world would tell us to hold onto financial wealth to protect ourselves, imagine if instead each of us responded by continuing to give generously. With God, it is possible. Can you give generously in this season and help CAP grow its capacity to reach families that urgently need your help?

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Rosie Kendall
CEO, CAP Australia