Josh’s Story

22 Oct, 2018

I was working as a carpenter when my position was made redundant along with at least 100 others. Around the same time my wife and I found out that we were pregnant. Suddenly we went from two well paying jobs down to no income. I started working for myself but when people didn’t pay on time, or at all, we had to use credit cards to keep ourselves going week to week. We started down that slippery slope of debt and it became harder and harder to get back on top.

My wife would go to get groceries and the card would decline. Then she’d have to decide what was most important in her basket: nappies or food? I turned to CAP and straight away they made me feel like there was hope.

Within a few weeks we started to notice that things were changing. It was such a surreal moment when we finally became debt free. It was just before Christmas and that year we could buy our kids a trampoline and even put money in savings. Without CAP, my family wouldn’t have the life we have today.