Financial stress is increasing during COVID: Can your church help?

20 Aug, 2020

As COVID-19 continues, there’s another, less noticeable outbreak sweeping the nation.

The dramatic yet necessary measures to slow the spread of coronavirus caused thousands of people to lose work entirely or have a reduced income, wondering how to make ends meet. Almost everyone has been affected in some way.

While the government’s current Jobkeeper and Jobseeker packages are helping keep people and businesses afloat, the question remains: what happens when the support ends?

The question lingers in the minds of many Australians. Daily streams of worrying stories, news of second waves and frequently changing rules is taking a toll on mental health. According to the Black Dog Institute’s latest report, 78% of respondents said their mental health has worsened since the outbreak — one of the main causes being stress caused by an uncertain financial situation.

Behind the stats are heartbreaking stories of families who, even before COVID-19 hit, were worried about money. For some, tough financial situations have become unmanageable, and making ends meet has become impossible.

For thousands of Aussies today, an outbreak of mental health issues continues to grow – fuelled by uncertainty, fear, and financial stress.

How can the Church respond?

At the heart of your community, you’re perfectly placed to provide support and hope to those hit hardest by COVID-19. Not just with practical help, but with emotional support, motivated by a genuine desire to show compassion to your neighbourhood.

But with social distancing measures and restrictions on meeting people in person, it can be hard to navigate without the right tools and resources.

For 20 years, CAP has partnered with churches to provide the CAP Money Course – a simple, step-by-step method that helps anyone build a budget, take control of their money, and put a system in place that can stand up to uncertain financial times.

For those struggling with their finances, CAP Money provides the tools to make sense of their situation, and empower them to begin tackling their debts.

While social distancing measures and lockdowns mean it’s hard to meet and support people, the good news is CAP Money has never been more accessible.

With the new CAP Money Online Training Portal, it’s easier than ever to become a CAP Money Coach and bring vital relief to people struggling with financial stress.

You’ll learn to use powerful budgeting tools to teach the basics of money management to anyone in need of help. You’ll take people step-by-step through building a budget, making it balance, and putting a system in place to make it stick.

You’ll be there to provide ongoing support and resources to those who find they can’t balance their budget and need extra help to put together a plan for getting out of debt. And during COVID-19, there’s never been a more urgent time.

It’s easy to get started, get in touch using the information below:

Call: 1300 303 929

Or download a free information pack to find out more.