Catherine’s Story

22 Nov, 2018

People often think that poverty only belongs to certain people. Through my life I have found out that’s not true. Poverty doesn’t choose.

Serious illness forced me to stop working and my income become erratic. I was living off my long service leave and holiday pay until they ran out. I wanted to find another job but my condition deteriorated. I began to panic. I didn’t know where I was going to find the money to survive. I had debt that I was so embarrassed about.

I was volunteering for CAP but I didn’t think it was open to me. I thought that other people needed CAP’s help more than I did. I filled my head with all these scenarios that made me think that I wasn’t good enough.

I felt like God had abandoned me, like he just didn’t care.

I just felt so ashamed.

It was such a relief when I finally told CAP about my situation. I was told that CAP could now begin to negotiate with creditors on my behalf. I felt confident because I had already seen what CAP could do and how they were really helping their clients.

There were months when I was a CAP Debt Coach and a CAP client. I had no hesitation in telling those that I visited that I was also a CAP Client. I really knew what the clients I visited were going through. Even now, when I walk into a client’s home I understand the feeling of darkness and despair that’s often there. I love being able to bring hope and freedom to people in that situation, just like I experienced it.

Now I’m debt free and it’s amazing! I don’t feel weighed down anymore. I feel like I am connected to the ground but I walk lightly. I am so glad that I became a client. Even during the hard times it felt like I had handed over all my financial worries to God. All the shame went and in its place something wonderful happened.

I’m continuing to help others who are in debt. God’s got something He wants me to do and I’m privileged to be able to use my experience to bless others.