A letter from Stuart: How CAP Money is going online during COVID-19

9 May, 2020

A new mini-series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ from CAP head office staff

My name is Stuart and I am the Head of CAP Money here at Christians Against Poverty. I’m writing with a huge smile on my face because I get to tell you some good news about CAP Money. I’m happy to say that rather than COVID-19 stopping this important free budgeting course in its tracks, CAP Money is being made available to more people than ever before.

How is this happening while the world is seemingly in chaos? Great question. CAP Money Coaches are now being equipped to deliver the CAP Money Course online using live streaming video services. Additionally, an online training portal is being developed for coaches to access any time — to do some refresher training or to learn something new. This means more courses can be run, more people can access them and it’s now easier to become trained as a coach to start with!

That’s not to say this transition hasn’t been challenging. But the response from coaches has been marvellous and even though it’s quite different, they’re keen to give it a go!

CAP Money Coaches are encouraging me a great deal. They are passionate and keen to help people in their community. I am also deeply encouraged by Ephesians 2, where Paul writes that God has prepared good works in advance for us to do, that we should walk in them — it certainly feels like He has given my team a moment to do good works by His grace.

And last but certainly not least, you encourage me a great deal. CAP simply doesn’t exist without supporters and advocates, so thank you for ensuring we are able to walk in the good works God has prepared.

With a thankful heart,

Stuart Sampson
Head of CAP Money

Prayer points:

  • Please pray for CAP Money Coaches, who are learning to deliver the course remotely.
  • Please pray for the people who will be attending a CAP Money Course in the next few months, that they will gain the confidence and skills to take control of their financial future.
  • Please pray for wisdom and strength as the CAP team works as quickly as possible to develop an online training portal for CAP Money Coaches.
  • Please pray for the technology that is making all this possible, that everything will work smoothly, from the live streaming technology to the online training platform.

Your prayers are so important in this difficult season. You can join the network of prayer across the nation by signing up to CAP Prayer Partners.