Bring hope and a solution

3 million Aussies live below the poverty line. Families are struggling to afford basic needs, like shelter or food. People in your community are crippled by the daily fear and misery of debt.

Wendy couldn’t see a way out of her debt situation. But, partnered with CAP, her church got involved and provided hope, a solution, and the love of Jesus.

They walked her through the journey to becoming debt free, and into a hopeful future.


CAP Debt Centres




free from debt

How it works





Someone struggling with debt calls the CAP helpline team, where a team member will book an appointment with their local CAP Debt Centre (run by your church).

A Debt Coach from your church (trained by CAP) visits the client in their home* to make sense of their situation, and collect the information needed to put together a debt solution. 

A trained caseworker from CAP Head Office negotiates with creditors and helps the client with their budget on their journey to becoming debt free.

Throughout the client’s journey, the church provides a much-needed community to CAP clients who often experience social isolation due to their financial circumstances.

*or in another safe, nearby location

Ready to join this movement of churches?

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I love what CAP does in seeing transformation in people’s lives. But then that becomes an involvement in their families which extends into a community. Building better communities through CAP — that’s just priceless!


Life Melbourne

I’m so glad I had the courage to take on this role. It’s incredible to see the look on people’s faces when they realise that they’re going to get help and support out of their situation.


Lake Joondalup Baptist

The beauty of the CAP Debt Centre is we journey with people until they go debt free and that gives us an opportunity to build relationships and friendships.


Riverview Church