It’s time to bring the focus back to the heart of Christmas.

Across our nation, one in four of us are in financial distress. Tired, burnt out, barely getting by. Without the hope of Jesus, why celebrate Christmas? But As Christians, we get to approach this season knowing why we celebrate. We have the hope of Jesus no matter our financial situation.

You can Share Christmas with CAP — donate today, and enable a Money Mentor to walk alongside someone who needs hope this Christmas.

The power of hope.

“Without seeing an option to better my life financially, I had no hope to try. Until I knew there was a better life available, I couldn’t see out. I thought I was the only one.”

Matthew thought he was bound to be depressed, lonely and struggling. Until he met Penny, from his local church.

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‘Acts of Kindness’ Advent Calendar

Christmas—a beautiful time of year! But Christmas has also become synonymous with stress, exhaustion, too much ‘stuff’ and a tendency to be self-focused. Let’s fully engage in gospel generosity by not only giving to those who can’t repay us, but by actively spreading acts of kindness this advent season!.

Below is the CAP ‘Acts of Kindness’ Advent Calendar. Join in, share it with your friends, and let’s make Christmas merry for all!