22 Oct, 2018

Josh’s Story

I was working as a carpenter when my position was made redundant along with at least 100 others. Around the same time my wife and I found out that we

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6 Sep, 2018

Peter’s Story

It’s not something we like to talk about. It’s not always something that is easy to understand or comprehend. Yet the reality is, so often we are faced with the

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7 Jun, 2018

Wendy’s Story

After years of enduring domestic abuse in her marriage, Wendy finally made the courageous decision to leave with her two sons and find temporary safety in a refuge. “After we

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7 Mar, 2018

Women in Poverty

Poverty in Australia has a feminine face. In our country, 33% of single parents live below the poverty line and the majority of these are women. Studies have found that

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