8 Oct, 2019

Keth’s Story

This Anti-Poverty Week, we’ve learned that poverty exists in the ‘lucky country’. We’ve seen the stats, but what does it look like for people? How does living under the Australian

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3 Oct, 2019

Why the Church?

Some things never change. Whatever page of the past you turn to — from ancient history to this week’s newspaper — you’ll find the problem of poverty. This Anti-Poverty Week,

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1 Oct, 2019

What is Poverty in Australia?

What does it mean to live in poverty? If you pictured a young family living in a crowded makeshift community in India, you’d be right. But that image alone isn’t

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22 Nov, 2018

Catherine’s Story

People often think that poverty only belongs to certain people. Through my life I have found out that’s not true. Poverty doesn’t choose. Serious illness forced me to stop working

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