Know someone in need of debt help?

Anyone can refer to CAP — pastors, care workers, GP’s, family, caring friends — if you know of someone in debt that needs help, fill out the referral form below.

Eligibility checklist

CAP can assist someone if:

  • They have unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, etc.)
  • They are concerned they will go bankrupt
  • They have regular income
  • There is a CAP Debt Centre in their area

If you’re unsure the person you’re referring meets these eligibility criteria,
call the team on 1300 227 000.

How does CAP help?

A CAP Debt Coach and Support Person from a local church will visit a client in their home* to begin the process of understanding their debt situation. They are a listening ear and someone to help guide clients through information that may feel overwhelming or confusing.

Based on the information gathered, qualified debt counsellors at the CAP Head Office then develop a suitable budget, working with the client to ensure it is sustainable.

A caseworker is assigned to the client for the duration of their journey with CAP, negotiating with their creditors and makings adjustments to the budget as life changes. On average, a client will work with CAP for 2-4 years.

*or another safe, nearby location

When I was put onto CAP I knew it was for a budget. I knew it was for financial support, but there was no way I could ever appreciate to what extent CAP would help me. I am blown away.


Debt free

I just felt I was in a dark well, and every time I climbed up, I got knocked down again because the climb was too hard. CAP gave me the ability to breathe, it gave me the ability to find clarity and think things through.


Debt free

That first visit with CAP, in my mum’s lounge room, changed my life! They didn’t judge me and they showed me how CAP could help sort out my financial mess, which was such a huge relief


Debt free

What if CAP can’t help the person I am trying to refer?

Where ever possible, CAP will refer clients to other support services that may be better suited to their situation. Even when CAP can help, debt is often not the only challenge they may be facing. To support clients holistically, CAP works closely with:

CAP is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (registration number 104471516) and by the Australian Charities & Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC), which covers all debt counselling and debt management carried out by CAP. All money advice and negotiations are carried out by qualified caseworkers based at the CAP Head Office.