Leo’s Story

Have you ever felt hopeless? Leo did. As an only child living in Australia away from his family in Venezuela, Leo was sending them money but felt crippled by the financial strain.

Watch this story to see how he overcame financial distress — plus the shame and stigma associated with it.

It’s time to start the conversation and end the shame.

1 in 4 people in Australia live in financial distress, and we’re all vulnerable to it – especially during times of uncertainty. It’s time to start the conversation and end the shame associated with money that causes people to feel powerless and hopeless. Giving someone the confidence to make a change not only helps their financial situation but can transform their whole life. And it all starts with talking about it.

CAP is equipping a movement of church volunteers who are committed to the journey of seeing those in financial distress flourish by initiating that first conversation to speak life and hope over their situation.

CAP needs your help to equip these church volunteers to see more people released from financial distress. Donate to the CAP End of Financial Year Appeal today.