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Peter’s Story

It’s not something we like to talk about. It’s not always something that is easy to understand or comprehend. Yet the reality is, so often we are faced with the harsh realities of suicide.

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Keth’s Story

Keth’s husband left her to raise their children on her own, and she struggled to provide. Barely staying afloat, she had to make impossible decisions — pay rent or feed her children?

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Trixie’s Story

“The credit card bill just kept getting higher and higher and once I went over that 1 year interest-free, it went right up. Every month I tried to make a payment, but it would never take anything off the bill. It came to a point where I had to make my calls by the telephone box. I didn’t have a phone, didn’t have a car and the house was going to be taken from us.”

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A volunteer’s heart

Janell was referred to the debt centre at Margaret’s church, C3 Victory. However, Janell wasn’t answering Margarets calls. But rather than let it go, she felt God nudge her — Janell really needed someone.

So, she went over to her house, and discovered Janell at her lowest.

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How is CAP funded?

CAP receives no government funding. One-third of funding comes from the Life Changer program, which now numbers more than 3,500 individuals giving a monthly donation to CAP. As CAP works through local churches to deliver its service, one-third comes from churches. The remaining funds come from charitable trusts, fundraising events, and one-off gifts from supporters.

Is the service just for Christians?

No, the CAP service is available to anyone regardless of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. This is shown as over 90% of CAP clients are not Christians.
As a Christian organisation, CAP Debt Coaches may offer prayer and discuss issues of faith with clients if they are interested. However, their response in no way affects the service offered.

Is there a charge for the CAP service?

No, it is completely free. Clients are given the opportunity to give voluntary donations to the charity if they want to and their budget shows they can afford to. CAP works hard to not create any sense of obligation when the opportunity to give a donation is presented.
Many clients choose not to donate and this in no way affects the service that is offered.

Does CAP give money to clients?

No, CAP does not give money to clients to help pay their debts. Rather, CAP helps clients repay their own debts in a sustainable way, allowing them to meet their basic needs. This is achieved through an agreed-upon budget and negotiations with creditors to work out repayment terms that work for both parties and where appropriate, waivers.