What can I do?

14 Oct, 2019

If you’ve been following the journey of Anti-Poverty Week this far, you’ll know that not only are 3 million Australians living in poverty right now, but that this poverty is devastating.

Like Keth did [you can read her story here], many feel trapped by debt and isolation. When poverty becomes your reality, it’s easy to lose a sense of self and fear for your children’s futures — will they be held back? Their potential wasted?

For Keth, her prayers were answered! Emma and The Red Door Community Church stepped in and reminded her that she was loved; that God had not forsaken her. They walked with Keth through the process of resolving her debt that seemed confusing and impossible when she was battling it alone.

“I told the church that I am looking for work, so please pray for me. Everything I need, my health, my kids, they pray. They support me a lot.” — Keth

The Church is perfectly positioned to reach into these situations and bring the restoration that God is in the special business of doing. Planted in the heart of a community, churches can effectively reach people in their need – motivated by the love Christ first gave.

Naturally, this looks different for each person. For some, it’s giving time to volunteer at the local foodbank or advocating for better homelessness services. For the 39 CAP Debt Centres, it’s visiting clients in their home, praying with them and for them, helping them understand their budget and providing ongoing support as they work through debt.

There are also those who equip others. It is largely thanks to ‘Life Changers’ (those who donate monthly) that CAP can empower churches to run Debt Centres. One-off donations are fantastic. But, to be truthful, the unpredictable nature of this kind of income makes it difficult to plan.

The confidence of regular income enables CAP to take steps and are both bold and wise, towards the dream of an operational CAP Debt Centre in every town and city in Australia. That is CAP’s vision; to see the Church equipped and ready to respond to those bound by unmanageable debt — what a shining example of Christ’s love and redemption this will be to our nation!
Right now, there are 39 CAP Debt Centres across Australia, each of these made possible by the sacrifices of many. Praise God for the thousands of lives already transformed!

“When I look back at all the things that have happened from that time until now, I can see that God answered my prayer. I thank God that CAP came into my life.” — Keth

But without more CAP Debt Centres, there are still many CAP isn’t able to reach. You can be part of this answer to prayer for millions of Aussies right across this country. Even if you feel overwhelmed or that your contribution is small, our faithful and mighty Father can multiply our offerings into a plentiful harvest that impacts an entire nation!

“Even if you are giving a dollar it is incredible. What you are offering from your heart has changed my life” — Keth

Take a stand this Anti-Poverty week by joining the Life Changer movement.