Trixie’s Update | Debt free in 2020!

25 Nov, 2020

For most of her kids’ lives, Christmas was hard for Trixie. She’d go without essentials for herself so she could save up for some second-hand gifts, just to give them something.

As a single mum living in rural Victoria, the premature arrival of her daughter was a huge financial burden. She was suddenly unable to work, had huge medical costs, no support and no way to service the loans she was given while previously in a high-earning role.

Trixie struggled like this for a long time, relying on foodbanks and simply going without.

“[Before CAP] it was just a never-ending cycle of sadness. I’d run into friends and burst into tears. I’d become somebody I didn’t recognise.”

But everything changed when the local CAP Debt Centre stepped into Trixie’s life, freedom that you can help give today. When CAP visited Trixie last year, she was still in the process of working through her debt, but hope was very present in their home. The kids knew that mum had things under control, they were going to be okay.

“Christmas for us — the whole future — is really bright. CAP’s given us that light at the end of the tunnel. I’m really excited and grateful.”


When her debt coach Jenni first met Trixie, she had little capacity or knowledge to help herself. Now, she’s been totally transformed. View her full story here.

For Trixie’s family, the moment has finally come. Last month, they became officially debt free!

Ever since the CAP Debt Centre in Horsham intervened in Trixie’s life, she’s had hope. But now, they really have freedom. The best part is this freedom is part of a generational change.

Give the gift of freedom today for families like Trixie’s

“Something I want to show my children is that you’ve got to be resilient in life. If you make mistakes, you’ve got to own that, you can’t run and hide, you face it. We face it as a family, and we’re out the other side of it and I think my kids are better for it.”

When Trixie’s debt free date came, her case worker gave her a call to share the news, which was beautifully captured below:

If you’re wondering why Trixie has a harmonica — it’s because she knows that the caseworkers at CAP head office blow their harmonica’s every time someone goes debt free!

Christmas may still not look like they’d planned, but for Trixie’s family, there is a real sense of freedom this year. As they celebrate their first debt free Christmas, Trixie’s family can enjoy it without any financial stress. Money is in its proper place – as a resource – not a barrier they’re trapped by!

You can be part of a client’s journey to freedom like Trixie’s. Freedom takes time; last year Trixie had hope for her future, now she can experience that freedom in tangible ways. She is capable not only of surviving but thriving in all areas of her life as she generously sows into the lives of her children and her community!

Bring this same freedom to more families like Trixie’s this Christmas by donating today.

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