The Block finally takes advice from CAP

26 Aug, 2020

If you are a fan of the popular reality TV Show, The Block, you may have noticed an interesting development last night. After years of contestants consistenly blowing out their budgets, the show’s producers decided it was time to take a different approach.

This year, instead of receiving all their budget at the beginning, contestants will receive weekly allowances for each room.

Show host, Scott, praised the logic of tracking as they go as a way to stay in budget.

“It’s much easier to keep track of it as you go along as opposed to getting to week eight or nine and realising you’ve spent a lot, which has happened many times in the past. We’re trying to avoid that now.”

It may have taken them a while to catch on to this basic money management concept, but as is often said at CAP “it’s never too late to start budgeting”.

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