Jorge & Sarah’s Story

3 Jun, 2020

“It’s all coming from everywhere”

Coronavirus has made life challenging for almost everyone. But for the vulnerable in our nation, it has added weight to already burdened shoulders, just like Jorge and Sara who were already snowed under in debt when COVID-19 hit. Not only are they providing for their 4-year old son with an autism diagnosis, but they are also financially supporting Jorge’s mother.

“My mother has a house back in Colombia — the tenants won’t be able to pay rent for a while due to coronavirus which means my mother is going to end up short.”

A few weeks after this news, Sara lost her job due to office cleaning services no longer being needed. Then came a larger than expected electricity bill due to a faulty air conditioner.

They were overwhelmed.

“It’s all coming from everywhere at the moment.”

When everything came crashing down at once, Jorge was able to call their CAP caseworker. She gave him a listening ear, a plan to relieve some of their financial pressure, and an offer of prayer. While they aren’t out of the woods yet, this family has hope in the middle of crisis — with CAP as their advocate.

We live in such a connected world, no one should feel alone in their struggle. Fortunately for Jorge & Sara, their local church is able to support them.

Thousands of other vulnerable Aussies will be overwhelmed financially in the coming months, and on a global scale, the crisis will have a long-lasting impact. By donating today to the CAP End of Financial Year Appeal, you’ll be helping equip more churches to open and run debt centres so that the church can be heard saying “we’re with you” for the long road to recovery.