How will you use your 2021?

9 Feb, 2021

As a young father, Julius’ daily life was constantly responding to what ever was going on in the moment. But like all of us, that routine was interrupted last year.

2020 got me to think about what I wanted in life, what really mattered. For me, it was starting a business and helping others less than fortunate myself. Working backwards from there, I realised that all these things cost money.

I have a job and could work from home during lockdown (as much as you can with bored kids in the same room) but I’d never been taught how to manage my money, I didn’t have much of an idea where it went. We just lived off my wage without much more thought about it!

CAP Money was like a foundation to a house. Now I’ve got that down, I feel confident to build on it as I go forward. I even discovered a passion for finance and want to combine that with my IT skills to help others. Even with the economic recovery that needs to happen in Australia over the next few years, I now know that I don’t need to be anxious about the future.

Julius’ realisation is an important one. Maybe you had a similar chance to reflect on your life and priorities. If finances are an area you know needs attention in your life, now is the time to do something about it.

Freedom February is all about the CAP Money Course. Coaches from churches all over Australia are running courses over the next little while to help people like you get on the right foot for 2021.

You can search for a course in your area here, or register your interest by emailing

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