Christmas update from Matt

13 Jan, 2022

Matthew’s story of transformation is remarkable. With the help of Penny, Matt was able to resolve the financial crisis he found himself in and understand the heart and relational issues that led him there in the first place. Matthew found hope, and his future was transformed because of it, which has lead to some exciting things!

What’s happening in Matthew’s life now

Ever since meeting Penny and starting the process, Matt has been determined to better himself, and so enrolled at TAFE. Not only has he been learning new skills, but also met his partner there, who, like him, is investing in her future.

Before CAP, Matt used money to try and find self-worth or to numb his pain. But with a renewed understanding of how spending habits can help align our hearts with our values, Matt has changed his approach to money, no longer taking out personal loans or buying compulsively. As a result, his dream of buying a home is not too far off being a reality!

Finally, Matt says he has learned the value of humility. A humble posture allows us to see clearly the value in those around us, to celebrate the small but significant things in life.

Because of generous supporters like you, Christmas has come to hold so much more meaning for Matt, as he shifted the focus from himself to those around him, and all the joy that brings — this is what makes Christmas merry for Matt.

Thank you!