A letter from Laura: How I’m serving CAP clients while working from home

17 Apr, 2020

A new mini-series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ from CAP head office staff

My name is Laura and I work at Christians Against Poverty as the Debt Management Team Leader. As part of my role, I journey alongside clients and negotiate with their creditors, and at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis, I’m doing all of that from home.

At CAP, our work has not paused. We are fully functioning through the miracle of technology, using phones, emails and video chats — and this is possible because of everyday people, like you. This season we are living in is difficult. However, this same difficulty makes me grateful for the generosity of supporters all the more.

So what is it like in the debt management space night now? I could tell you about Anna, a single mother with no phone reception, self-isolating in rural Australia with her newborn daughter. I could share with you the story of Jenny, who lost her employment due to coronavirus and is being crushed by the responsibility of her children’s medical bills, which she cannot pay. I could even tell you about Alex, who is so very lonely, that I daily pray over his mental health.

However, while these stories and pain are very real, it doesn’t paint the full picture. I would prefer to tell you how thankful I am. It’s because of CAP supporters that Anna, Jenny and Alex are not alone. These clients are connected with a church community who are able to support them, a team who are managing their creditors, and a mighty God who loves them even more than I do.

I have never been more grateful to work at CAP, to support the most vulnerable in our communities who feel the financial strain and isolation caused by coronavirus.

And, I have never been more grateful for the people who support us to do this work.

With love,

Laura Mason
Debt Management Team Leader

Prayer points:

  • Please pray for protection over the income of CAP clients
  • Please pray for protection over clients’ mental health
  • Please pray that in this difficult season, CAP clients would experience a personal encounter with our living Saviour, Jesus Christ
  • Please pray over the clients’ creditors, that they would have compassion in their policies

 Your prayers are so important in this difficult season. You can join the network of prayer across the nation by signing up to CAP Prayer Partners.