A letter from Ebony: How I’m taking new client calls through COVID-19

15 May, 2020

A new mini-series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ from CAP head office staff

As a member of the Client Setup team, I know how difficult this season has been for so many Australians. Every day, we’re receiving calls from families who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Some have lost their jobs altogether, while others have had their hours (and income) reduced. It’s always tough when you hear that the sole income-earner for the household is not able to provide for their family as they’ve lost their job.

Despite all this, there are some things I am grateful for. I’m grateful that Client Setup is fully functioning while working from home. We’re still able to take every call for help that comes in, even while maintaining social distancing.

I am grateful for the work of our core team to find new ways to reach and serve our clients through a season in which they need sound financial advice and advocacy more than ever.

Finally, I am grateful for you. With your prayers and support we’re able to continue to reach some of the most vulnerable members of our community, helping them to find freedom from debt — and hope in Jesus Christ.


Ebony Evans
Client Setup Administrator

Prayer Points:

  • Parents to have opportunities to call CAP and ask for help: Many parents and guardians who are struggling find it hard to reach out for help while their children are at home. Please pray that they find a moment of peace to contact CAP, as we know how important it is that they make the call as early as possible.
  • Clients who rely on emergency relief: Due to COVID-19 a number of community services have temporarily closed. This means many families who cannot afford food and/or other basic necessities now have fewer affordable options. Please pray that clients have access to affordable basic needs while we work on producing their budget.
  • Peace during the unknown: It’s all too common to hear from new CAP clients how overwhelmed and stressed they are. Please be praying that our clients would have peace during this season where families are facing even more uncertain times.

Your prayers are so important in this difficult season. You can join the network of prayer across the nation by signing up to CAP Prayer Partners.